Cord Michael Slatton

Eugene, Oregon USA

Web Developer and Project Manager

CS Development
2002 – Present

Provide web hosting. Manage CentOS VPS. Design, develop, and maintain business and client websites. Develop logos and company branding. Develop and debug mobile sites for iOS and Android. Research and build custom integrations with web services. Manage and collaborate with contracted labor to deploy projects in a timely and efficient manner.

Software Development Team Lead

Imagination International, Inc.

At Imagination International, Inc. I led the Software Development team. We used a 2 week Sprint based process with a daily standup, retrospectives and reviews. As team lead,I was in charge of the development for new applications for the warehouse. Our team included QA, UI and a junior developer; I managed tasks for them and encouraged their continuing education and career growth. I mentored the junior developer through pair coding and other activities. I was also in charge of testing our experimental 3D printing filament and creating information for consumers that would allow them to use it successfully.

Web Development Mentor

2017 – 2018

At Thinkful I mentored students in the Web Development program. I taught basic web development followed by increasingly complex Javascript paired with Node.js and React.

Courseware Author

Packt Publishing / O’Reilly Books

As a Courseware Author with Packt Publishing, I contracted to create the Responsive Web Design Course. I wrote and edited the text for lessons, and created activities and lesson assessments that assured the concepts are understood and remembered. I also prepared the slide presentations that go along with the lessons as well as explain example code and resources. After the course was complete I was asked to do a 2 day video presentation for a digital classroom that was turned into a video course.

Drupal/Server Admin & Developer


As an employee of CorSource contracted to HerbPharm I was brought in to repair and improve their existing Drupal site as well as maintain the Linux based server and Drupal based ecommerce site. I handle security updates for the server and Drupal as well as refactoring code for improperly setup custom modules to allow security updates to be installed.

Drupal and Node JS Developer

Freeflow Digital
2015 – 2017

At Freeflow Digital I built and themed complex Drupal web sites as well as updated and added features to existing client Node JS applications. I used a Grunt and Drush based build process to automatically validate and build our sites.

Drupal Developer

72 Holdings

At 72Holdings I built complex Drupal based sites and site features to client specifications. I also determined the best way to accomplish complicated tasks using a combination of contributed and custom modules as well as determined bottlenecks for speed and resolve them. I have also written complex migrations to move client sites from existing platforms to Drupal.

Lead Web Developer and Server Administrator

Feynman Group
2013 – 2015

WordPress, mobile development, X-Cart, Drupal, PhpBB, LAMP/Windows server administration, Git version control, AngularJS. Assemble estimates for clients, client support, custom administration interfaces for database access. Migrate sites from existing platforms to Drupal.

Web Developer

Palo Alto Software

Constructed and maintained high-traffic websites for Software as a Service industry leader. WordPress and Expression Engine theme and plug-in development. Developed websites and micro-sites from designer compositions and scratch. Analytics and A/B Testing to increase metrics. Built custom integrations with web services.

WordPress Specialist and Web Developer

Web Solution Shack
2011 – 2012

Developed and maintained client websites for web solutions company. Researched and developed cost-effective client solutions. WordPress plug-in and theme development.

Lead Web Specialist and Designer

Sunyata Studios
2008 – 2012

Provided web hosting; designed, developed, and maintained client websites for media cooperative. Supervised development and quality assurance by team members. Reviewed team members’ work for best practices and standardization. Met with clients through all stages of development. Resolved client and developer differences in vision. Developed strategies for regular deployment of new content. Developed and implemented company documents and contracts. Researched and deployed new web technologies and APIs.

Web Developer

Real Pro Systems
2010 – 2011

Constructed and upgraded real estate professionals’ websites. Worked with clients to design custom themes. Developed websites from designer compositions and scratch. Built custom integrations with web services.

Designer and Technical Specialist

Book Publishing Company
2008 – 2009

Layout and graphic design of books and advertising media. Proofread, copy-edited, entered data. Maintained, upgraded, and repaired Windows and Mac computers.

Teacher and Systems Administrator

The Farm School
2007 – 2009

Taught algebra and trigonometry, physics, web development, and other computer-related classes. Maintained website, network, and computers.

Technical Specializations

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • mobile development
  • theme development
  • Apache
  • Git/SVN
  • Grunt
  • Webpack
  • Drush
  • CLI
  • Google Analytics
  • shopping carts
  • Linux/Windows server administration
  • cross browser standardization
  • Content Management Systems
    • Drupal
    • WordPress
    • Expression Engine
    • Joomla
    • PhpBB
    • X-Cart
  • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Photoshop
    • InDesign
    • Illustrator

Experienced with many other technologies with a specialization in Open Source.