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I am a web and software developer who lives in Eugene, Oregon. Building community and working with local businesses are strong priorities for me. I believe in a strong local economy that is both more resilient and more responsive to the needs of those using it than our current system.

As a Maker I love solving problems, whether with code or by building something physical with wood, metal, plastics, etc. I have a lot of experience with 3D printing as well. The field of Electronics is of great interest to me, especially micro-controllers and Raspberry Pi. When working with micro-controllers I generally work with Arduino. When working with Raspberry Pi I typically use a NodeJS based stack. For my cats who needed a special diet I built a RFID-controlled smart feeder only she could access.

I take every opportunity to learn new skills and make life interesting, challenging and diverse. I enjoy working with people, especially as part of a team, and believe that learning to communicate effectively and well is a lifelong process that you must always be mindful of.

Traveling and living in quite a few diverse parts of the continent has strengthened my love for Oregon. The outdoors of Oregon is so beautiful and diverse! Finding time when possible for skiing, hiking, bicycling, camping, soaking in hot springs, stargazing and visiting the ocean is important to me. Just breathing the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine and the wonderful Oregon rain is great!

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